The Ins and Outs of EMOMs

EMOM, an acronym for Every Minute On the Minute, has gained widespread popularity in
July 2, 2023
The Ins and Outs of EMOMs

EMOM, an acronym for Every Minute On the Minute, this training approach involves completing a designated set of exercises within a minute, followed by rest until the next round begins. EMOMs offer a wide array of benefits and can be tailored to suit individual goals and fitness levels. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the popularity of EMOMs and provide valuable tips on effectively incorporating them into your workout routine.article, we'll explore why EMOMs are widely used and provide some tips on how to effectively incorporate them into your workouts.

Why Choose EMOMs?

Building Volume with EMOMs

EMOMs provide a safe and effective means of gradually increasing training volume. Athletes can start with shorter time domains to get accustomed to the workload before progressing to longer and more challenging EMOMs. Once an athlete has adapted to the increased volume, the format can be modified to include both EMOM and "for time" components. This combination allows for volume accumulation during the EMOM portion and challenges athletes to sustain speed and intensity during the "for time" segment. By incorporating higher volume workouts, athletes can enhance their capacity while maintaining or improving their performance.

Conditioning with EMOMs

For those familiar the infamous 30-minute EMOMs are known to test mental fortitude and physical limits. These workouts can push you to your limits, but with the right mindset, you can conquer them. Here are some strategies to approach EMOMs effectively:

Developing Mental Fortitude

EMOMs not only improve physical fitness but also cultivate mental resilience. Like any acquired skill, mental fortitude takes practice. Whether you're tackling a grueling metcon or facing challenges in life, focusing on what you can control is crucial. Set small goals throughout your workout, avoid overwhelming yourself, and approach each challenge with confidence and determination. Combining a strong mindset with a strategic game plan can make a world of difference in your performance. When approaching EMOM workouts, remember to stay present, cultivate a positive mindset, and strategically balance your efforts. With practice, you'll not only conquer EMOMs but also develop mental fortitude that extends beyond the gym.

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